Chairman’s Message

Saraswati College of Education states its vision to emerge as a centre of high Learning to meet the challenges of a global society. The college aspire to be e a leading institution in the country offering quality teacher education. We provide plethora of activities for judicious all round development of youthful energies, offering flexibility and wider choice of subjects, offering the exemplary  infrastructural facilities for making cumbersome teaching learning process a great fun.

A true epitome of value education, pain staking endeavour, our college since its Dawn has mammoth strides, traversingh all the of obstacles with efficacy. As an edifice of true learning the college has proved its worth as hallmark of excellence. The convergence of acadamics and a wide gamut co-curricular activities has culminated in the holistic development of student manifested in their astounding university results and achievements in competitions held at various levels. The indomitable spirit to progress passionate aspirations and unflinching desire to create a niche for itself have impelled college to unabatedly improvise and experiments with the standards of academics co-curricular activities to reach zenith and realize the long cherished goal.

We inculcate the value of faith, solidarity, respect, endurance, discipline, healthy competition with team-spirit compassion, right attitude which are steadily fading away in this fast world.

We look forward to whole-hearted participation and involvement of our students in every activity of college. After you have left Saraswati College of Education, you will cherish memories of alma-mater and rely on the lifelong support structure provided by unique peer group and by caring faculty who shall be your friends and Mentors.

Wishing you all the best in achieving your goal.

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